American Deli’s Menu Prices

Dining choices are no longer merely about curbing hunger; they’re about experiences, legacy, and price points that resonate with our lifestyle.

Enter the American Deli, an establishment that has etched its mark in the culinary chronicles for offering a blend of tradition and innovation.

As the conversation around dining choices intensifies, understanding the nuances of American Deli’s menu prices becomes a touchstone for the savvy diner.

With the culinary landscape rapidly evolving, there’s a constant hunt for value-laden experiences that don’t compromise on quality. American Deli stands tall, catering to this very demand with its impeccably curated menu, striking a perfect chord between affordability and gourmet pleasure.

Grappling with choices? Ponder no more. This guide delves deep into the dynamics of this iconic deli’s offerings, ensuring that your next meal is not just a decision, but an informed celebration. Dive in, and let’s toast to smart dining.

American Deli’s Menu Prices In 2024


Gyro Only$7.90
Gyro & Wings$13.49
Gryo Combo$10.99

Chicken Tenders

Chicken Tenders4 Pieces – $7.90
Combo with Fries & Drink$11.49


Shrimp only8 Pieces – $8.49
4 pc Shrimp & 5 pc wing$12.99
Shrimp Combo8 Pieces – $10.99

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2pc Whiting and 4 pc Shrimp$13.99
Tilapia Combo2 Pieces – $11.99
Whiting Combo2 Pieces – $11.99
2pc Fish and 5pc Wings$15.49
2pc Tilapia and 4 pc Shrimp$13.99

Fried Rice

Beef or Chicken$9.49

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Side Orders

French Fries$3.49
Sweet Potato$3.49
Extra Dressing$0.75
Onion Rings$3.49
Extra Sauce$0.75


Wings Combo10 Pieces – $15.49
15 Pieces – $21.29
20 Pieces – $24.49
Boneless Wings Combo10 Pieces – $15.49
15 Pieces – $21.99
20 Pieces – $23.59

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Wings Only & Family Packs

Family Pack30 Pieces – $29.99
40 Pieces – $39.99
50 Pieces – $49.99
75 Pieces – $66.99
100 Pieces – $99.99
Piece Wings10 Pieces – $9.99
20 Pieces – $21.99



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Sub Combo$9.99


Philly & Wings$15.49
Philly Combo$11.49

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Combo with Fries & Drink$10.99
Fried Chicken$7.69
Burger & 5 pc Wings with Drink$13.99
Turkey Burger$7.69

Deli Combo

Sub & Wings$14.99
Salad & Wings$14.99

About American Deli’s Restaurant

In the heart of 1989, Atlanta witnessed the birth of a culinary legacy when Peter Kim inaugurated the very first American Deli. Instead of being just another addition to the food scene, Peter’s vision was crystal-clear.

He aimed to transform everyday dining, weaving a tapestry of flavors that resonated deeply with patrons. Atlanta, with its diverse populace and vibrant culture, became the epicenter of this gastronomic revolution.

While many establishments come and go, American Deli’s rise to prominence wasn’t a mere stroke of luck. It was an orchestrated symphony of dedication, innovation, and a relentless commitment to quality.

Every dish, every flavor told a story – a story that Peter had envisioned right from day one. Today, nestled in its Atlanta headquarters, American Deli’s legacy is more than just its scrumptious offerings.

It stands as a testament to Peter Kim’s enduring vision and the indomitable spirit of an establishment that dared to dream differently. When you step into an American Deli, you’re not just savoring a meal.

You’re partaking in a slice of history, a journey that began with a single step in 1989. So, the next time you indulge in their offerings, take a moment to savor the dedication and passion that’s woven into every bite. You’re not just a diner; you’re a part of their storied journey.

FAQs ON American Deli’s

1. How does American Deli ensure its menu prices reflect both value and gourmet quality?

American Deli, a culinary beacon in the gastronomic landscape, meticulously curates its menu to blend unparalleled taste with affordability. Their culinary experts, while closely monitoring market trends, continually adapt, ensuring patrons relish gourmet experiences without straining their wallets.

2. What sets American Deli’s menu prices apart from other establishments in the same niche?

Unlike many eateries that prioritize profit margins, American Deli embodies a philosophy of community-centric dining. By leveraging optimal sourcing strategies and innovative culinary techniques, they’ve achieved a balance that offers patrons exceptional value, without compromising on the dining experience.

3. Is there a periodic review of American Deli’s menu prices to keep them aligned with market dynamics?

Indeed, American Deli exhibits a commitment to its patrons by routinely assessing its menu prices. This periodic review ensures alignment with both ingredient costs and market shifts, always striving to serve customers with the best possible value.

4. Do American Deli’s menu prices vary across different locations or remain consistent nationwide?

While the brand ensures a consistent taste and experience across all outlets, slight regional variations in menu prices might arise due to ingredient availability, logistics, and regional economic factors. However, American Deli strives for the utmost transparency in this regard.

5. Has the legacy of American Deli, stemming from its Atlanta origins, influenced its current menu pricing strategy?

Absolutely. The rich legacy that began in Atlanta under Peter Kim’s visionary leadership continues to influence American Deli’s ethos. This historical commitment to quality and value plays a pivotal role in shaping the current pricing strategy, ensuring patrons enjoy the finest culinary delights at prices that respect both their palate and pocket.

Final Words

In the grand tapestry of culinary experiences, American Deli’s menu prices emerge as a harmonious blend of legacy, innovation, and unwavering commitment to value.

As one navigates the diverse gastronomic landscape, the deli’s offerings stand as a testament to Peter Kim’s foresight from Atlanta’s bustling corners.

Such a brand doesn’t merely set prices; it crafts experiences that respect both the diner’s palate and pocket. Delving deep into the intricate dynamics of pricing, it’s evident that every decision at American Deli is steeped in a rich history and driven by contemporary market nuances.

The expertise shines through their offerings, seamlessly merging gourmet delight with affordability. The journey through American Deli’s Menu Prices isn’t just about the cost—it’s an invitation to partake in a culinary legacy that champions the diner at every turn, setting a gold standard in the industry.

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