Del Taco Menu Prices

In today’s fast-paced world, where value for money is paramount, Del Taco stands out as a culinary beacon for those seeking both quality and affordability.

This comprehensive guide to Del Taco’s menu prices isn’t just a list; it’s a gateway to understanding how Del Taco harmonizes flavor, quality, and cost-efficiency.

For the budget-conscious food enthusiast, this is your atlas in the terrain of fast food choices. With prices constantly fluctuating and budgets tightening, Del Taco’s menu emerges as a savvy choice for a diverse range of palates.

Whether you’re a student juggling finances or a family looking for a satisfying meal that doesn’t break the bank, Del Taco’s array of options promises something for everyone.

This exploration goes beyond mere numbers; it delves into the heart of what makes Del Taco a smart, flavor-packed, and economical choice in today’s culinary landscape. Prepare to unravel the secrets behind their pricing strategy, making every bite an experience worth your investment.

Del Taco Menu Prices In 2024

Fresca Bowls

Pollo Asado with Avocado$4.79
Green Chile Chicken with Avocado$4.79
Avocado Veggie$4.09

American Grill

Double Del Cheeseburger$3.39
Bacon Double Del Cheeseburger$3.89
Del Cheeseburger$2.29
Deluxe Chili Cheddar Fries$3.29
Chili Cheddar Fries$2.99
Crinkle-Cut FriesRegular$1.79
Crinkle-Cut FriesMedium$1.99
Crinkle-Cut FriesMacho$2.49
Carne Asada Fries (Limited Time)$4.99

Quick Combos

Includes Small Drink and Fries. Medium Upgrade $0.59 & Macho Upgrade $1.19
2 Double Beef Classic Tacos & Cheddar Quesadilla$5.79
Del Combo Burrito$5.99
Classic Grilled Chicken Burrito$6.39
Double Del Cheeseburger$6.39
2 Grilled Chicken Tacos$5.29
2 Double Beef Classic Tacos$5.29
2 Beef Battered Fish Tacos$6.79
Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito & Grilled Chicken Taco$6.79
Del Beef Burrito & Double Beef Classic Taco$6.79
Macho Combo Burrito$6.89
Macho Burrito$4.69

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Fiesta Pack

6 Regular Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burritos$8.99
6 Classic Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burritos$11.99
6 Grilled Chicken Tacos & 6 1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burritos$11.99

Kid’s Meals

Meal Includes Kid’s Fries, Drink, & a Treat
Kid’s Quesadilla Meal$3.59
Kid’s Value Bean & Cheese Burrito Meal$3.59
Kid’s Regular Taco Meal$3.59
Kid’s Hamburger Meal$3.59

Desserts & Drinks

Cinnamon Churros$1.00
Caramel Cheesecake Bites2 Pc.$2.39
Caramel Cheesecake Bites4 Pc.$4.29
Chocolate Chip Cookies1 Pc.$0.89
Chocolate Chip Cookies3 Pc.$1.80
Bottled Water$1.49
Soft DrinkSmall$1.79
Soft DrinkMedium$1.99
Soft DrinkMacho$2.39
Premium Shakes (Vanilla, Strawberry, or Chocolate)$2.99


Egg & Cheese Breakfast Taco$0.79
Mini Bacon Quesadilla$0.79
Breakfast Burrito$0.89
Bacon Breakfast Taco$1.00
Sausage Breakfast Taco$1.00
Hashbrown Sticks5 Pc.$1.00
Hashbrown Sticks8 Pc.$1.50
Iced Prima Java Coffee$1.00
Bacon Breakfast Burrito$1.29
Minute Maid Orange Juice$1.69
Hot Prima Java Coffee$1.39
Carne Asada Breakfast Taco (Limited Time)$1.79
Epic Scrambler (Sausage or Bacon)$3.99
Epic Scrambler (Sausage or Bacon) – Meal$5.49
Epic Scrambler (Carne Asada Steak)$4.49
Epic Scrambler (Carne Asada Steak) – Meal$5.49
Bacon & Egg Quesadilla$2.59
Bacon & Egg Quesadilla – Meal$4.39
1/2 lb. Sausage or Bacon & Egg Burrito$3.09
1/2 lb. Sausage or Bacon & Egg Burrito – Meal$4.79
1/2 lb. Steak & Egg Burrito$3.59
1/2 lb. Steak & Egg Burrito – Meal$5.29
Egg & Cheese Burrito$2.29
Egg & Cheese Burrito – Meal$4.39

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Tacos & More

Beer Battered Fish Taco$2.29
Street Taco (Chicken)$1.99
Street Taco (Carne Asada Steak)$2.29
Turkey Taco (Crunchy or Soft)$1.39
Flatbread Taco (Chicken)$2.89
Flatbread Taco (Steak)$3.19
Chicken Cheddar or Chicken Spicy Jack Quesadilla$3.29
Cheddar or Spicy Jack Quesadilla$2.29
Macho Nachos (Beef)$4.29
Macho Nachos (Chicken$4.69
Macho Nachos (Steak)$4.99


Carne Asada Street Taco$2.29
Carne Asada Street Taco – Meal$6.99
Carne Asada Combo Burrito$4.49
Carne Asada Combo Burrito – Meal$7.29


Spicy Grilled Chicken Burrito$3.19
8 Layer Veggie Burrito$3.09
Classic Grilled Chicken Burrito$3.29
Del Combo Burrito$3.19
Del Beef Burrito$3.29

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2 for $5

Get 2 of the Same Classic Burritos for 1 Low Price
Burritos2 Pc.$5.00

Epic Burritos

Meal Includes Medium Drink
Epic Cali Steak & Guacamole Burrito$5.09
Epic Cali Steak & Guacamole Burrito – Meal$6.69
Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito$5.29
Epic Grilled Chicken Avocado Burrito – Meal$6.99
Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burrito$5.29
Epic Chicken Chipotle Ranch Burrito – Meal$6.69
Epic Steak & Potato Burrito$5.29
Epic Steak & Potato Burrito – Meal$6.69
Epic Carne Asada Burrito (Limited Time)$6.29
Epic Carne Asada Burrito – Meal (Limited Time)$7.99

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Handcrafted Ensaladas

Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad$5.49
Chicken Bacon Avocado Salad & Small Drink$6.99
Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad$5.49
Mexican Chopped Chicken Salad & Small Drink$6.99
Signature Taco Salad$5.49
Signature Taco Salad & Small Drink$6.99

Buck & Under Menu

Mini Cheddar Quesadilla$0.59
Regular Taco$0.69
Mini Bacon Quesadilla$0.79
Jacked Up Value Bean, Rice & Cheese Burrito$0.89
Freshly Made Bean & Cheese Cup$0.89
Chili Cheese Nachos$1.00
Crunchtada Tostada$1.00
Chicken Roller$1.00
Salsa Verde Nachos (Limited Time)$1.00
Salsa Fresca Chicken Taco (Limited Time)$1.00
Grilled Chicken Taco$1.00
1/2 lb. Bean & Cheese Burrito$1.00
Double Beef Classic Taco$1.00
Real Strawberry Lemonade$1.00
Brewed Iced Tea30 oz.$1.00

About Del Taco Restaurant

You might find it fascinating that Del Taco’s journey began in 1964, nestled in the small town of Yermo, California. Visionaries Ed Hackbarth and David Jameson ignited this culinary venture, and since then, Del Taco has carved a distinctive niche in the fast-food world. This isn’t just a tale of another restaurant chain; it’s a story of innovation and adaptation.

Imagine a humble stand blossoming into a headquarters in Lake Forest, California, symbolizing growth and evolution. Del Taco has mastered the art of blending traditional Mexican flavors with American classics.

Their menu, a diverse palette featuring tacos, mission burritos, salads, hamburgers, and even milkshakes, caters to an array of tastes and preferences. This fusion of Mexican style cuisine with American staples like hamburgers and fries speaks to Del Taco’s innovative spirit.

As you savor their offerings, consider the strategic prowess that went into crafting a menu that balances authenticity with mainstream appeal. Del Taco’s journey from a small establishment in Yermo to an influential name in fast food illustrates their commitment to quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction.

This history isn’t just about food; it’s about a brand that consistently adapts and thrives, ensuring each customer’s experience is both delightful and memorable.

FAQs On Del Taco

1. What Range of Prices Can I Expect at Del Taco?

Del Taco offers a diverse menu with prices catering to various budgets. Whether you’re in the mood for a quick snack or a full meal, their pricing structure is designed to accommodate. Expect to find items starting from budget-friendly options, scaling up to more premium choices, ensuring there’s something for every wallet.

2. How Does Del Taco Balance Quality with Affordable Prices?

Quality and affordability aren’t mutually exclusive at Del Taco. The brand has mastered the art of sourcing quality ingredients while maintaining reasonable prices. Through strategic supply chain management and efficient kitchen practices, they deliver culinary excellence that’s both accessible and satisfying.

3. Are There Any Hidden Costs in Del Taco’s Menu Items?

Transparency in pricing is a hallmark of Del Taco’s service. The prices displayed for their tacos, burritos, and other items are comprehensive, with taxes being the only additional charge. This straightforward approach ensures customers know exactly what they’re paying for.

4. How Often Do Del Taco Menu Prices Change?

While Del Taco strives to maintain stable prices, occasional adjustments occur in response to market trends and ingredient costs. These changes are always made with the customer’s budget in mind, ensuring the balance of affordability and quality remains intact.

5. Can I Find Cost-Effective Meal Options at Del Taco?

Absolutely! Del Taco prides itself on offering a range of meal options that provide value for money. Look out for their combo meals and seasonal specials, which bundle favorites at a lower price, offering a fulfilling dining experience without a hefty price tag.

Final Words

Del Taco Menu Prices offer more than just affordability; they represent a harmonious blend of culinary excellence and economic mindfulness. This unique balance is not a mere coincidence but a result of deliberate, strategic planning aimed at delivering quality food at prices that resonate with a wide customer base.

Del Taco’s commitment to maintaining a menu that’s both diverse and wallet-friendly speaks volumes about their understanding of consumer needs.

Their approach goes beyond the norms of fast food, setting a benchmark in the industry for how quality can be made accessible to all. Whether you’re a student on a budget, a family looking for a satisfying meal, or anyone in between, Del Taco’s menu stands as a testament to the fact that great taste doesn’t have to come at a high price.

In this landscape of rising food costs, Del Taco emerges as a culinary haven where every dollar spent is an investment in both flavor and value.

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