Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices

Unlock the magic of flavors with the latest buzz in town – Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices! A tropical haven of taste and health, offering an eclectic range of smoothies that not only tantalize your taste buds but are also light on the pocket.

In a world dominated by fast food and skyrocketing prices, this menu stands out as a beacon of hope for those seeking a healthier and affordable alternative.

The relevance of this topic extends beyond mere curiosity; it’s a doorway to making informed choices that have a lasting impact on your well-being.

As the heatwaves of summer roll in, and the need for refreshing, nutritious beverages increases, the Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices become a hot topic of discussion.

Dive into this blog post to uncover a world of flavors that won’t break the bank, as we decode the Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices, one sip at a time. This is not just a post, it’s your roadmap to a healthier, happier summer. The time is ripe, let’s blend in!

Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices In 2024


Turkey Bacon Ranch$7.79
Ultimate Club$7.79
Chicken Caprese$7.79


Santa Fe Chicken Quesadilla$5.99
Three Cheese Quesadilla$4.99
Three Cheese Chicken Quesadilla$5.99


Caribbean Jerk Bowl$7.79
Buffalo Chicken Bowl$7.79
Thai Chicken Bowl$7.79
Hummus Veggie Bowl$7.79
Baja Chicken Bowl$7.79
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Bowl$7.79

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Peanut Butter Crunch Flatbread$5.29
All American Wrap$3.49
Southwest Wrap$3.49


Big Kahuna Kid’s Combo (12oz)$7.49
Big Kahuna Kid’s Combo (24oz)$7.48
Cheese Quesadilla$3.99
Chicken and Cheese Quesadilla$4.99
Ham & Cheddar Wrap$3.99
Turkey & Cheddar Wrap$3.99
12 Oz Chocolate Chimp$3.49
12 Oz Lil Limeberry$3.49
12 Oz Jetty Junior$3.49
24 Oz Chocolate Chimp$5.49
24 Oz Lil Limeberry$5.49
24 Oz Jetty Junior$5.49


Maple Kissed Sweet Potatoes$1.99
Jalapeño Corn$1.99
Kale & Apple Slaw$0.99
Whole Fruit$1.29

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Large Party Orders

Smoothie Bundle$37.00
Add a Smoothie Cooler$5.00
Signature Wrap Bundle (12 Wraps)$90.00
Signature Sandwich Bundle (12 Sandwiches)$90.00


Lipton Pure Leaf Sweet Tea$2.49
Lipton Pure Leaf Unsweet Tea$2.49
Gatorade Blue$1.99
Gatorade Orange$1.99
Gatorade Propel – Kiwi Strawberry$1.99
Bubly Grapefruit$1.59
Bubly Lime$1.59
Life Water 700ML$2.99


Citrus Hawaiian Wrap$7.79
Caribbean Jerk Wrap$7.79
Buffalo Chicken Wrap$7.79
Thai Chicken Wrap$7.79
Hummus Veggie Wrap$7.79
Baja Chicken Wrap$7.79
Supergreen Caesar Chicken Wrap$7.79

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Chipotle Chicken Club$5.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch$5.99
Chicken Pesto$5.99

Fruit Blend Smoothies

Starfruit Smoothie$5.99
Dragon Fruit Smoothie$5.99
Sunrise Sunset ™$5.49
Jetty Punch ™$5.49
Kiwi Quencher ®$5.49
Paradise Point ™$5.79
Mango Magic ™$5.49
Blimey Limey ™$5.49
Pomegranate Plunge ™$5.99
Blueberry Bliss™$5.49

Tropical Treats

Bahama Mama™$5.99
Peanut Butter Cup ™$5.99
Beach Bum ™$5.99
Mocha Madness ™$5.99

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Balanced Fusion Smoothies

Peanut Paradise ™$5.99
Chia Banana Boost ®$5.99
Triple Berry Oat ™$5.99
Lean Machine ™$5.99
Acai Berry Boost$5.99

Super Veggie Smoothies

Island Green®$5.99
Detox Island Green®$5.99
Avocolada ™$6.49

Featured Products

Starfruit and Citrus Hawaiian Wrap Combo$11.48
Dragon Fruit and Citrus Hawaiian Wrap Combo$11.48
Starfruit Smoothie$5.99
Dragon Fruit Smoothie$5.99
Citrus Hawaiian Wrap$7.79
Maple Kissed Sweet Potatoes$1.99
Jalapeño Corn$1.99

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Pair and Save

Smoothie and a Flatbread$9.98
Smoothie and a Wrap$11.58
Smoothie and a Sandwich$11.58
Smoothie and a Quesadilla$9.98
Smoothie and a Bowl$11.58
Smoothie and Breakfast$9.28

About Tropical Smoothie Restaurant

In 1993, a groundbreaking venture took root in the vibrant city of Atlanta, Georgia, courtesy of three visionary minds – Eric Jenrich, Delora Jenrich, and David Walker.

This was the year when Tropical Smoothie came into existence, a brand that would soon become synonymous with nutritious and affordable beverages.

Now headquartered in Atlanta, Tropical Smoothie boasts over 2,000 dedicated employees, working across 1,150+ locations, a testament to its exponential growth and widespread popularity.

A closer look at its journey reveals a brand committed to offering a healthier alternative in a fast-food dominated world. It wasn’t just about blending fruits and vegetables; it was about creating a culture, a lifestyle that prioritized well-being without compromising on taste or affordability.

This steadfast commitment to quality and health has cemented Tropical Smoothie’s position as a trusted and beloved brand. As you navigate your own health journey, understanding the roots of this brand can empower you to make choices that align with your values and aspirations.

Remember, every sip is a part of a larger narrative, one that reflects a commitment to nourishment, affordability, and, most importantly, to you.

FAQs On Tropical Smoothie

1. What Sets Tropical Smoothie’s Menu Prices Apart from Competing Brands?

Tropical Smoothie takes pride in establishing a delicate balance between taste, nutrition, and affordability. Unlike its competitors, the brand cultivates an ecosystem that prioritizes your well-being without straining your wallet. Through rigorous market research and consumer feedback, they consistently offer prices that foster both loyalty and satisfaction. It’s a unique blend of affordability and premium quality.

2. How Frequently Does Tropical Smoothie Update Their Menu Prices?

With a keen eye on market dynamics and consumer demands, Tropical Smoothie reviews its menu pricing periodically. While specific intervals can vary, rest assured that each update is executed to benefit the consumer. This brand recognizes the importance of staying ahead of inflationary pressures while delivering unrivaled value.

3. Does Tropical Smoothie Offer Special Discounts or Membership Plans?

Absolutely, the brand believes in rewarding loyalty. They have an exclusive rewards program, which is tailored to maximize savings for frequent customers. Special discounts, seasonal promotions, and member-only deals are part and parcel of the Tropical Smoothie experience. It’s a commitment to consumer appreciation that few can match.

4. Are There Customization Options Available and How Do They Affect the Prices?

Tropical Smoothie understands that individual preferences and dietary requirements can be diverse. They offer customization options for nearly all items on their menu. Additional charges for customizations are transparent and minimal, ensuring you can enjoy your tailored beverage without a second thought about cost.

5. How Do Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices Compare with Quality?

The brand has garnered a reputation for sourcing high-quality, fresh ingredients for its offerings. Yet, it succeeds in keeping the prices consumer-friendly. This seeming paradox has been achieved through streamlined operations and strategic partnerships with suppliers. Essentially, Tropical Smoothie offers what few others can—a top-tier beverage experience that won’t break the bank.

Final Words

Navigating the intricate world of food and beverage choices can often feel like a daunting task, especially when striving for a balance between taste, nutrition, and affordability.

Tropical Smoothie Menu Prices shatter this complex paradigm, serving as a brilliant example of how a brand can seamlessly integrate these crucial factors.

In the age of wellness trends and skyrocketing health-conscious choices, this brand stands tall as a leader, offering a wide array of beverages that are not only delicious but also fit well within your budget.

This is not mere serendipity; it’s the outcome of meticulously planned strategies and consumer-centric thinking. With an eye on future trends, Tropical Smoothie continues to evolve, ensuring that you are never far from a healthier, more affordable beverage option.

As you step into the realm of tropical bliss, remember that every sip carries the essence of a brand that has tirelessly worked to offer you the best. So go ahead, make your choices, and rest assured that you’re partaking in a lifestyle, not just a menu.

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