Taco Mac Menu Prices

If you’re looking for a great place to get your Mexican food fix, look no further than Taco Mac. This restaurant has all of your favorite Mexican dishes, plus they have a great selection of beer to wash it all down.

The atmosphere is casual and relaxed, so it’s perfect for a night out with friends. And the best part? The prices are very reasonable.  If you’re looking for a delicious meal and good times, look no further than Taco Mac.

From tacos and enchiladas to quesadillas and nachos, The menu features Tex-Mex and American cuisine, including tacos, enchiladas, burgers, wings, and salads. we’ve got all your cravings covered.

And don’t forget about our famous wings! Come on in and enjoy a great meal with friends or family today. Taco Mac is a restaurant chain with over 30 locations in the southeastern United States.

The restaurant also offers a variety of food options, including tacos, nachos, and burgers. Taco Mac is a great place to watch sporting events, With a menu full of delicious options, there’s something for everyone at Taco Mac.

From their famous wings to their burgers and tacos, there’s something to satisfy every craving. And if you’re in the mood for something lighter, they’ve got you covered there too with a variety of salads and soups.

Taco Mac Menu Prices In 2024


Grilled Chicken Tenders$9.99
Fried Chicken Tenders$9.99
Buffalo Chicken Tenders$9.99
Grilled Salmon With Chili Mango Seasoning$14.99
Grilled Salmon With Korean Black Garlic Seasoning$14.99
Southern Fried Catfish$10.99


Chorizo (3)$9.99
Grilled Bbq Shrimp Tacos (3)$9.99
Southern Fried Catfish Tacos (3)$9.99
Chicken Tinga Tacos (3)$9.99
Beef Tacos (3)$9.99
Grilled Steak Tacos (3)$9.99

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Chicken Tinga Quesadillas$9.49
Grilled Steak Quesadillas$9.99
Grilled Vegetable & Cilantro Black Bean$8.49

Just For Kids

Chicken Tenders (Hand Breaded)$5.49
Chicken Tenders (Grilled)$5.49
Grilled Burger$5.49
Grilled Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Fried Chicken Sandwich$5.99
Mini Corn Dogs$5.49
Grilled Cheese$5.49
Cheese Quesadilla$5.49
Mac N Cheese$5.49


New York-Style Cheesecake$5.99
Colossal Chocolate Cake$6.99
Chocolate Stout Pie$5.99
Key Lime Pie$5.99

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Sides / Extras

Onion Rings$3.79
Sweet Potato Fries$3.79
Fresh Broccoli$2.99
Vidalia Slaw$2.99
Black Beans$2.99
Extra Blue Cheese$2.99
Extra Ranch$0.69
Oven-Baked Maccaroni & Cheese$0.69
Extra Celery$3.79
Large Sour Cream$0.99
Large Guacamole$1.29
Small Sour Cream$2.00
Small Guacamole$0.79
Pickled Jalapenos$1.00
Buffalo Ranch$0.79
Broccoli Queso Casserole$1.00
Side Of Fresh Jalapenos$3.79
Roasted Zucchini$0.89
Mac N Cheese$3.79
French Fries$2.99


Diet Coke$2.99
Barqs Rootbeer$2.99
Red Bull$4.29
Red Bull Sugar Free$4.29
Red Bull Yellow$4.29
Chocolate Milk$2.99
Sweet Tea$2.99
Unsweet Tea$2.99

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Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless Wings6-Pack$8.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless WingsSingle (10)$11.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless WingsDouble (20)$19.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless WingsTriple (30)$29.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless WingsParty (50)$49.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless Wings6 Pack Split$8.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless WingsSingle Split$11.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless WingsDouble Split$19.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless WingsTriple Split$29.99
Original Wings / Roasted Wings / Boneless WingsParty Split$49.99


Trio Dip$8.99
Queso Con Carne$8.99
Spinach & Artichoke Dip$9.49
Mozzarella Sticks$7.99
Sausage Platter (2)$8.99
Sausage Platter (3)$10.99

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All The Way$9.99
Chicken Tinga Nachos$9.99
Beer Cheese & Chili$9.99

Soups & Salads

Grilled Chicken Caesar$9.49
Shrimp Avocado & Mango$10.99
House Side Salad$5.49
Wedge Side Salad$5.99
Chicken Tortilla SoupCup$4.99
Chicken Tortilla SoupBowl$5.99
Grilled Shrimp Caesar$9.99
Monterey Chicken Salad (Grilled)$9.99
Monterey Chicken Salad (Fried)$9.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad (Grilled)$9.99
Buffalo Chicken Salad (Fried)$9.99

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Wrapped & Stacked

Grilled Chicken Ranch Wrap$9.49
Hollywood Grilled$9.99
Hollywood Fried$9.99
Southwest Wrap Grilled$9.49
Southwest Wrap Fried$9.49
South Street Philly – Chicken$9.49
South Street Philly – Steak$10.49
Buffalo Chicken Grilled$9.49
Buffalo Chicken Fried$9.49
Shrimp Guac & Mango Wrap$9.99
Chicken Avocado & Bacon$9.99


The Original$9.49
Black Bean Burger$9.99
Mushroom Steak Burger$10.99
Original Turkey$9.99
The Kenmore$10.99
Bacon Cheddar Ranch$10.49

About Taco Mac Restaurant

In conclusion, the Taco Mac restaurant company is a successful company that has been around for many years. The founder, Harold Martin Jr, is a very successful businessman who has created a great company.

The company is based in Atlanta, Georgia, United States and was founded in 1979. The company has many loyal customers who love the food and atmosphere of the restaurant.

The Taco Mac restaurant chain has a long and storied history. Founded in Atlanta, Georgia in 1979, the restaurant was originally conceived as a bar that served Mexican-style food.

The restaurant quickly became popular for its large selection of beers and its hearty fare. In the early 1990s, the Taco Mac chain began to expand rapidly, opening up locations across the southeastern United States.

They named the restaurant Taco Mac, after their favorite food. The restaurant opened its doors in 1979, and it quickly became a popular spot for locals.

The restaurant has changed hands several times over the years, but it has always remained a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. The food is good and the service is friendly.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, and they offer a wide variety of Mexican-inspired dishes. If you’re ever in town, be sure to stop by Taco Mac and try one of their delicious dishes!

We hope that now you won’t be confused about the Taco Mac menu prices for 2023 as we have discussed each and every piece of information regarding the same.

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