Pizza Hut Menu Prices

Pizza Hut is one of the most recognizable restaurants on the planet. Whether you’re looking for a slice of classic pepperoni or want to try something new and inventive, there’s something for everyone at Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut is one of the most beloved pizza restaurants in the world.

They offer a wide selection of delicious pizzas, sides, desserts, Sauces, Wings, Side, Extras, Cheese pizza, Classic Recipe Pizzas, Skinny Pizzas, Gluten-Free Pizzas, and drinks for their customers.

Not only does Pizza Hut have mouthwatering food to savor, but they also take pride in their customer service and strive to make each meal enjoyable. It has offered a wide variety of pizza options to its customers.

Not only does Pizza Hut offer traditional pizzas with an array of toppings, but it also provides more unique and exciting menu items. From classic Italian dishes to modern takes on regional favorites, For many people, the mention of Pizza Hut brings back fond memories of family dinners and nights out with friends.

This beloved restaurant chain has been around for over 50 years, providing customers with a variety of delicious foods. From classic pizzas to unique specialty menu items, With their long list of options, you can customize your order to suit your taste buds.

Pizza Hut is a beloved American restaurant chain that has been around for decades. Food lovers from all over the world have come to expect delicious and iconic pizzas, sides, and desserts from this classic establishment.

With their ever-evolving menu, Pizza Hut continues to provide customers with an impressive selection of food items to choose from. This menu will explore the food offerings at Pizza Hut, including an overview of their expansive menu and some recommended dishes.

Pizza Hut Menu Prices In 2024


16 Breaded Boneless Wings$15.49
12 Traditional Wings$21.49
8 Breaded Boneless Wings$8.49
6 Traditional Wings$10.99
24 Breaded Boneless Wings$22.99
18 Traditional Wings$30.99
36 Traditional Wings$58.99
48 Breaded Boneless Wings$44.99


Oven-Baked Cheesy Alfredo Pasta$9.99
Oven-Baked Italian Meats Pasta$9.99
Oven-Baked Chicken Alfredo Pasta$9.99
Oven-Baked Veggie Pasta$9.99

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Cheese Sticks$7.99


Cinnabon Mini Rolls$6.99
Cinnamon Sticks$6.99
Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie$6.99
Triple Chocolate Brownie$6.99

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Dipping Sauces

Ranch Dip$0.65
Marinara Dip$0.65
Bleu Cheese Dip$0.65


2 Liter Pepsi$3.49
20 oz. Pepsi$1.99
20 oz. Mountain Dew$1.99
2 Liter Mountain Dew$3.49
20 oz. Diet Pepsi$1.99
2 Liter Diet Pepsi$3.49

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Meat Lovers$6.99
Pepperoni Lovers$6.99
Buffalo Chicken$6.99
Chicken Bacon Parmesan$6.99

Create Your Own Pizza

14″ Large Pizza$13.99
12″ Medium Pizza$11.99
6″ Personal Pan Pizza$4.99

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Medium Specialty Pizza

12″ Meat Lover’s Pizza$15.99
12″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza$15.99
12″ Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza$15.99
12″ Supreme Pizza$15.99
12″ Veggie Lover’s Pizza$15.99
12″ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza$15.99
12″ Buffalo Chicken Pizza$15.99

Large Specialty Pizza

14″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza$18.99
14″ Backyard BBQ Chicken Pizza$18.99
14″ Meat Lover’s Pizza$18.99
14″ Hawaiian Chicken Pizza$18.99
14″ Buffalo Chicken Pizza$18.99
14″ Supreme Pizza$18.99
14″ Veggie Lover’s Pizza$18.99

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Popular Items

14″ Large Pizza$13.99
16 Breaded Boneless Wings$15.49
8 Breaded Boneless Wings$8.49
Cheese Sticks$7.99
6″ Personal Pizza$4.99
12″ Meat Lover’s Pizza$15.99
14″ Pepperoni Lover’s Pizza$18.99
6 Traditional Wings$10.99
12″ Medium Pizza$11.99

About Pizza Hut Restaurant

Pizza Hut is one of the leading pizza chains in the world and has made a lasting impact on the restaurant industry. Founded in 1958 by brothers Dan and Frank Carney in Wichita, Kansas, Pizza Hut is an American success story that has stood the test of time.

From its humble beginnings, Pizza Hut has grown to become the largest pizza chain on earth, with over 18000 locations in more than 90 countries.

Pizza Hut is a household name that has become synonymous with delicious pizza. Pizza Hut was the first national pizza chain to open its doors.

The iconic red roof restaurants quickly spread across the United States and soon became a beloved staple of American culture. Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain that has become one of the most recognizable names in the pizza industry.

Founded in 1958, Pizza Hut was the first pizza chain to provide dine-in services and has been serving millions of customers around the world for over 50 years.

Pizza Hut is known for its delicious pizza and side dishes, making it a staple of family dinners and gatherings. Over the years, the restaurant has played a role in changing how the world views pizza, whether through new flavors or innovative technology.

Pizza Hut has come a long way since its humble beginnings. Since then, Pizza Hut has grown to become one of the world’s most beloved and recognizable brands, with locations in over 90 countries across the globe.

Pizza Hut has been delighting customers with their delicious Italian-style pizzas for over 50 years. As many people are familiar with Pizza Hut’s pizza offerings, Pizza Hut has established itself as a leader in quick service dining around the world.

It offers dine-in and take out services with an extensive menu that includes classic pizzas such as pepperoni and cheese as well as specialty pies like Meat Lover’s Pizza or the Triple Cheese Blend.

Pizza Hut also offers wings, desserts and side dishes to accompany any meal.

We hope that now you won’t be confused about the Pizza Hut menu prices for 2023 as we have discussed each and every piece of information regarding the same.

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