Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices

In the bustling world of fast-food, Lee’s Sandwiches stands out, not just for its tantalizing menu but the affordability that’s hard to rival. Price isn’t just a number; it’s an emblem of value, and Lee’s has expertly crafted a gastronomic journey that doesn’t dent your wallet.

Timelessly adored, their menu reflects a culinary canvas that taps into the heart of Asian fusion, resonating deeply with global palates. Yet, it’s not just about devouring a sandwich; it’s about savoring a story – of traditions, craftsmanship, and innovation.

Today, as patrons are increasingly conscientious of where their dollar goes, understanding Lee’s Sandwiches menu prices becomes tantamount to appreciating the brand’s commitment to excellence.

With each bite, you’re not just tasting food; you’re embracing an ethos of quality and affordability. Dive deeper with us, as we unfold the intricate layers behind these prices and uncover the magic that makes Lee’s an industry forerunner.

Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices In 2024

Lee’s Signature Tea Drinks

Lee Coffee Milk Tea$3.99$4.99

Frappe Blended Drinks

Caramel Frappe$3.59
Matcha Green Tea Frappe$3.59
Mocha Frappe$3.59
Frappe Caramel (L)$4.59
Frappe Green Tea (L)$4.59
Frappe Mocha (L)$4.59

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Milk Tea Drinks

Lee Milk Tea$2.99
Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Honey Black Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Honey Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Honeydew Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Matcha Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Taro Green Tea Milk Tea$2.99
Lee Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Caramel Coffee Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Green Tea Milk Tea$3.99
Honey Black Tea Milk Tea$3.99
Honey Green Tea Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Honeydew Green Tea Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Matcha Green Tea Milk Tea (L)$3.99
Taro Green Tea Milk (L)$3.99

Fruit Tea Drinks

Passion Fruit Tea$2.99
Mango Fruit Tea$2.99
Strawberry Fruit Tea$2.99
Passion Fruit Fruit Tea (L)$3.99
Mango Fruit Tea (L)$3.99
Strawberry Fruit Tea (L)$3.99

Roasted Coffee

Parisian Ground Coffee 16oz$8.99
Espresso Ground Coffee 12oz$8.99
French Roast Ground Coffee 12oz$8.99
Double French Roast Ground Coffee 12oz$8.99
Espresso Whole Bean Coffee 12oz$8.99
French Roast Whole Bean Coffee 12oz$8.99
Double French Roast Whole Bean Coffee 12oz$8.99

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Cafe Pour Over

Cafe Pour Over Parisian 8Pks$5.99


Mix Asian Platter A$43.99
Mix Asian Platter B$46.99
Mix Euro BA Platter C$49.99
Mix Euro CR Platter D$52.99

Lee’s Coffee Drinks

Lee’s Coffee Original$3.59$4.59
Hot Lee’s Cafe Original$3.59$4.59
Iced Black Coffee$1.99$2.99
Hot Black Coffee$1.99$2.99
Lee’s Coffee Mocha$3.59$4.59
Iced Americano$1.89$2.89
Hot Americano$1.89$2.89

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Euro Croissant Sandwiches

CR Ham, Cheese$8.49
CR Turkey, Cheese$8.49
CR Ham, Turkey, Cheese$8.49
CR R. Beef, Cheese$8.49
CR Lees Club$8.49
CR BLT$8.49
CR Tuna Almond$8.49
CR Veggie Avocado$8.49
CR Turkey Club$8.49

Euro Baguette Sandwiches

Ham Cheese Baguette$7.99
Turkey Cheese Baguette$7.99
Ham & Turke, Cheese Baguette$7.99
Roasted Beef Cheese Baguette$7.99
Veggie Avocado Baguette$7.99
Turkey Club Baguette$7.99
Tuna Almond Baguette$7.99
Salami Cheese Baguette$7.99
Jambon Cheese Baguette$6.99
BA BLT Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato$7.99
BA Lees Club$7.99

Asian Sandwiches

SW Combination$5.99
SW Pork Roll$5.99
SW Cured Pork$5.99
SW Grilled Chicken$5.99
SW Grilled Pork$5.99
SW B.B.Q Pork$5.99
SW Meatball$5.99
SW Sardine$5.99
SW Special Combo$6.49
SW Vegetarian$6.49
SW Pork Roll, Pate$5.99
SW Jambon, Pork Roll$5.99
SW Op La$5.99
SW Op La, Pork Roll$6.49

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Breakfast Sandwiches

Ham, Egg, Cheese BA$3.99
Bacon, Egg, Cheese BA$3.99
Ham, Bacon, Egg, Cheese BA$4.49
Egg, Cheese BA$3.99
Ham, Egg, Cheese CR$3.99
Bacon, Egg, Cheese CR$3.99
Ham, Bacon, Egg Cheese CR$4.49
Egg & Cheese CR$3.99


Large Baguette$1.49
Large Croissant$1.99
Macaroon [3]$4.99
Almond Butter Baguettes 9oz$4.49
Toasted Garlic Baguettes 4oz$3.99
Croissant Straight$1.79

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Chicken Nuggets [5]$2.19
Chicken Nuggets [20]$5.19
Hot Wings Chicken [5]$3.99
Hot Wings Chicken [20]$12.99
Pork And Shrimp Egg Rolls [5]$3.99
Pork And Shrimp Egg Rolls [20]$14.99
Chicken Egg Rolls [5]$3.99
Chicken Egg Rolls [20]$14.99

About Lee’s Sandwiches Restaurant

In the tapestry of the American culinary scene, Lee’s Sandwiches has woven its rich narrative, bearing testament to the vision of its founders, Chieu Le and Henry Le. Circa June 1983, a humble endeavor sprouted in San Jose, California, destined to transform the sandwich industry.

Rooted in the heart of Silicon Valley, the powerhouse of innovation, these pioneers sculpted a gastronomic fusion that resonated deeply with both Asian and Western palates.

Every bite into a Lee’s Sandwich transports you back to those early days, where tradition met ambition, and the Le duo meticulously handcrafted every offering.

Their journey wasn’t just about introducing another eatery; it was about pioneering a movement. The headquarters in San Jose stands not just as a beacon of their enterprise but as a testament to their commitment, tenacity, and culinary brilliance.

You, dear reader, are not merely engaging with a brand. You’re stepping into a legacy, understanding the heartbeats, the trials, the successes, and the passion that fuels Lee’s Sandwiches.

With every visit, remember, you’re partaking in a historical saga sculpted by Chieu and Henry, crafted right in the bustling vibrancy of San Jose.

FAQs On Lee’s Sandwiches

1. What Sets Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices Apart in the Culinary World?

In the expansive culinary realm, Lee’s Sandwiches confidently carves its niche, primarily due to the brand’s harmonious blend of quality and affordability. While many establishments often waver between the two, Lee’s strikes an enviable balance. They proffer gourmet experiences without imposing gourmet prices, making every bite an emblem of unmatched value.

2. How Do Lee’s Sandwiches Maintain Consistency in Price and Taste Across Outlets?

Lee’s Sandwiches, anchored in San Jose, California, employs an intricate system ensuring standardization. With meticulous attention to sourcing and rigorous training sessions, they ensure every outlet echoes the ethos of their founding headquarters. It’s this unwavering dedication that keeps both taste and prices consistent, no matter where one dines.

3. Has the Legacy of Lee’s Sandwiches Impacted Its Menu Pricing Strategy?

Absolutely. Chieu Le and Henry Le, the visionary founders, began their journey with a clear vision: delivering superior food experiences without breaking the bank. This foundational principle reverberates through Lee’s Sandwiches’ pricing strategy even today, as they remain committed to offering value-packed delights.

4. Are Seasonal Ingredients Reflected in Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices?

Lee’s Sandwiches takes immense pride in infusing their menu with fresh, seasonal ingredients. While they strive to maintain price stability, occasional fluctuations might occur based on the seasonality and availability of certain premium ingredients, ensuring patrons always savor the freshest offerings.

5. Does Lee’s Sandwiches Offer Special Promotions or Discounts on Their Menu?

While Lee’s Sandwiches already prides itself on competitive pricing, they do sometimes roll out promotions or limited-time offerings. These special events not only celebrate the brand’s legacy but also offer patrons an opportunity to indulge in their favorites at even more enticing prices.

Final Words

Lee’s Sandwiches Menu Prices don’t merely signify numbers on a board; they manifest a legacy, a commitment, and a gastronomic promise. Delving into their offerings, one appreciates the genius behind crafting a menu that holds tight to its foundational ethos while embracing the ever-evolving culinary world.

It’s this harmonious dance between tradition and innovation, value and quality, that sets them a notch above. For anyone seeking an authentic experience that respects both palate and pocket, these prices offer more than a meal—they offer a story.

This tale, initiated by visionary founders and nurtured through the years, stands testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence. In the sea of fleeting culinary trends, Lee’s Sandwiches anchors itself with unparalleled consistency and dedication.

It’s not just about sating hunger; it’s about partaking in a journey that, bite by bite, unfolds an age-old narrative of passion, precision, and perfection.

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