Hooters Menu Prices

Engage in a savory journey through the exciting world of Hooters’ menu, famed for its tantalizing offerings. At the heart of America’s gastronomic scene, Hooters’ culinary mastery unveils a price-to-value equation that will whet your appetite for both its legendary chicken wings and a deep-dive into its price dynamics.

This article unveils the financial intricacies behind their exquisite cuisine, an exploration pertinent for your budgeting insights and satisfying those cravings simultaneously.

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Fasten your seat belts, food connoisseurs, and budget strategists alike, as we delve into this flavorful financial journey like no other!

Hooters Menu Prices In 2024


Steamed Shrimp(1/2 lb.)$10.59
Steamed Shrimp(1 lb.)$18.99
Fish & Chips$10.99
Baja Fish Tacos$8.99
OystersMarket Price
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs (1 lb.)$15.99

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Chili Cheese Fries$6.99
Side Garden$2.99
Caesar Salad$2.99
Cole Slaw$0.99
Big Dipper Fries$2.99
Big Dipper Fries with Cheese sauce$3.99
Curly Fries$2.99
Curly Fries with Cheese sauce$3.99
Onion Rings$4.99
Onion Tanglers$4.99

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Chili (Hooters)$4.49
Chili with Cheese & Onions (Hooters)$4.99
New England Style Clam Chowder$3.99


Caramel Fudge Cheesecake$4.59
Chocolate Mousse Cake$4.59
Key Lime Pie$4.59

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Flavored Iced Tea$2.79
Soft Drinks$2.49
Iced Tea$2.49
Bottled Water$1.59
Red Bull$3.79


Chicken Breast Strips$8.59
Sliders Burger4 sliders$8.99
Sliders Buffalo Chicken4 sliders$8.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip$6.99
Buffalo Shrimp12 piece$9.59
Buffalo Shrimp24 piece$17.99
Buffalo Platter$15.99
Cheese Sticks$5.99
Quesadilla (chicken)$8.99
Quesadilla (steak)$8.99
Quesadilla (cheese)$6.59
Fried Pickles$5.99
Flapper or Boneless Teaser$6.29
Chili Cheese Nachos$8.99

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1/2 Pound Burgers

Build Your Own!$7.99
Add Cheese, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms or Jalapeños$0.49
Add Bacon, Guacamole or Chili$0.99
Western BBQ$8.99
Texas Melt$8.99
The Baja$8.99
Double ‘D’$10.99


All sandwiches are served with your choice of Big Dipper or Curly Fries
Smothered Chicken$9.99
Smothered Chicken (Naked)$8.99
Chicken Strip Cheese (Hooters)$8.99
Buffalo Chicken$8.99
Big Fish$8.99
Big Fish (Smother that Fish!)$9.99
Pulled BBQ Pork$8.59
Club Sandwich$7.99
Philly Cheesesteak$8.99
Shrimp Po’ Boy$9.59
Blackened Mahi$10.59

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World Famous Wings

Chicken Breast Strips $8.59
Sliders Burger (4 Sliders) $8.99
Sliders Buffalo Chicken (4 Sliders) $8.99
Buffalo Chicken Dip $6.99
Buffalo Shrimp (12 Piece) $9.59
Buffalo Shrimp (24 Piece) $17.99
Buffalo Platter $15.99
Cheese Sticks $5.99
Quesadillas (Chicken) $8.99
Quesadillas (Steak) $8.99
Quesadillas (Cheese) $6.59
Lots-A-Tots $5.99
Fried Pickles $5.99
Flapper Or Boneless Teaser $6.29
Chili Cheese Nachos $8.99
1/2 LB. Burgers
Build You Own! $7.99
Cheese, Grilled Onions, Grilled Mushrooms or Jalapeños $0.49
Bacon, Guacamole or Chili $0.99
Western BBQ $8.99
Texas Melt $8.99
The Baja $8.99
Double “D” $10.99
All sandwiches are served with your choice of Big Dipper or Curly Fries.
Smothered Chicken $9.99
Smothered Chicken (Available Naked) $8.99
Chicken Strip Cheese (Hooters) $8.99
Buffalo Chicken $8.99
Big Fish $8.99
Big Fish (Smother That Fish!!) $9.99
Pulled BBQ Pork $8.59
Club Sandwich $7.99
Philly Cheese Steak $8.99
Shrimp Po’ Boy $9.59
Blackened Mahi $10.59
World Famous Wings
Original Hooters Style Wings (10 Pieces)
Original Hooters Style Wings (20 Pieces)$18.99
Original Hooters Style Wings (50 Pieces)$43.99
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (10 Pieces)$10.79
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (20 Pieces)$19.99
Hooters Daytona Beach Style Wings (50 Pieces)$44.99
Boneless Wings (10 Pieces)$8.99
Boneless Wings (20 Pieces)$16.99
Boneless Wings (50 Pieces)$37.99
Extra Dressing$0.89
Extra Sauce$0.89
Celery & Dressing$1.29
All Drums (per Drums)$1.00
Daytona Sauce (per 10 Wings)$1.00

Fresh Entree Salads

Buffalo Chicken Salad$8.99
Shrimp & Spinach Salad$9.59
Chopped Cobb Salad$8.99
Chicken Garden Salad$8.99
Side Garden Salad$2.99
Chicken Caesar Salad$8.99
Caesar Salad$5.99
Side Caesar Salad$2.99
Add Blackened Mahi$3.49

About Hooters Restaurant

Bask in the nostalgia of Hooters, an iconic dining establishment, born from the dreams of six pioneering souls – Lynn D. Stewart, Gil DiGiannantonio, Ed Droste, Billy Ranieri, Ken Wimmer, and Dennis Johnson.

These visionaries, on a fateful day, October 4, 1983, in Clearwater, Florida, painted the first brushstroke on a blank canvas that was soon to become a culinary sensation across the United States.

Now headquartered in bustling Atlanta, Georgia, Hooters, with its stellar array of 430+ locations, has undeniably etched its place in the annals of gastronomic history. Not merely a restaurant, Hooters stands as a beacon of diversity, boasting an enticing array of delicacies.

From the juicy allure of their burgers, the fiery delight of chicken wings, the refreshing taste of seafood, to the bold flavors of Tex-Mex, every bite tells a story.

And it doesn’t stop there. The full bar, a testament to Hooters’ inclusive approach, ensures that every customer finds their perfect drink to toast to the good times.

This vibrant tale is more than a mere chronicle of a restaurant’s journey. It’s the legacy of a brand that has become a hallmark of American dining culture, exemplifying innovation and dedication.

As we traverse this historical journey, one cannot help but marvel at the strategic finesse, attention to detail, and relentless commitment to customer satisfaction that makes Hooters a symbol of culinary excellence. Join us as we unpack this illustrious history further, unfolding the fascinating layers of Hooters’ rich past.

FAQs On Hooters

1. “What defines the pricing strategy behind Hooters’ culinary delights?”

The intricate dynamics of Hooters’ menu prices intertwine quality ingredients, exceptional culinary craftsmanship, and a matchless dining ambiance. The brand harmoniously balances affordability with a top-tier dining experience, ensuring customer satisfaction is paramount.

2. “Does the regional diversity impact Hooters’ menu prices?”

Absolutely, Hooters’ prices subtly vary across its 430+ locations, influenced by local economic factors. Nonetheless, they maintain a central theme: providing superior culinary experiences at consumer-friendly prices.

3. “How often does Hooters revise its menu prices?”

While Hooters remains committed to offering consistent value, the brand occasionally adjusts its prices. Influences like market conditions, ingredient costs, and other business dynamics can necessitate such revisions.

4. “Is there a distinction in prices between Hooters’ famous offerings like burgers and chicken wings?”

Indeed, Hooters’ varied menu presents a diverse price range. Every product, from succulent burgers to fiery chicken wings, is priced according to factors like ingredient costs, preparation complexities, and market trends.

5. “Does Hooters offer any special menu deals or promotions that can impact the overall prices?”

Hooters occasionally runs enticing deals and promotions, enhancing the brand’s customer value proposition. These opportunities provide diners with a chance to experience their popular dishes at even more attractive prices.

Final Words

Embarking on this comprehensive exploration of Hooters Menu Prices, we’ve traversed a realm where taste and affordability harmonize. Every morsel at Hooters reveals a tale of strategic culinary pricing, grounded in an intimate understanding of market trends and customer satisfaction.

From the sizzling wings to the robust burgers, the prices reflect a commitment to delivering unparalleled taste experiences at consumer-friendly rates.

As we conclude, it’s clear that Hooters isn’t merely a restaurant; it’s a testament to ingenious pricing strategies which consistently attract patrons, eager for a sublime dining experience that’s kind to their pockets.

Armed with these insights, diners can navigate Hooters’ culinary landscapes with enhanced knowledge and appreciation. As the brand continues its gastronomic journey, we remain eager to savor whatever exciting flavors and price points that lie ahead.

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