CAVA Menu Prices

Savor the vibrant, fresh flavors of Mediterranean cuisine without leaving your hometown, as we dive into an in-depth exploration of CAVA’s menu prices.

As a discerning food enthusiast, you understand that value extends beyond just the dollar sign; it’s about the harmony of taste, nutrition, and cost. Indeed, the relevance of CAVA’s menu prices goes far beyond mere curiosity – it’s a testament to how quality, healthy meals can be both accessible and affordable.

By meticulously studying CAVA’s menu, you empower yourself to make informed choices, enabling you to experience a culinary journey through the vibrant lands of Greece and the Mediterranean at a price point that doesn’t compromise your budget.

Peppered with expert analysis, our insights will amplify your understanding of value in the fast-casual dining sector. Let us journey together in this tantalizing investigation, as we reveal the secret behind CAVA’s success – quality meals, thoughtfully priced.

The gastronomic adventure that awaits will transform your perception of fast-casual dining.

CAVA Menu Prices In 2024

Vegetable Mezze


Fresh spinach, onion, and feta wrapped and baked in phyllo dough

Zucchini Fritters

Shredded zucchini, feta, herbs crisped in olive oil over tzatziki

Grape Leaves or Dolmades

Stuffed grape leaves with rice and herbs.

Zucchini and Squash

Sautéed spring vegetables with red onions and garlic

White Bean Ragout

Tender cannelloni beans sauteed with tomatoes, onions, basil


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Grilled Mezze

Pork or Chicken Souvlaki

2 Grilled skewers of marinated pork or chicken breast with fresh oregano

Spicy Greek Sausage

Village sausage made at cava, cooked over charcoal

Grilled Meatballs

Seasoned ground beef with dill, lemon, garlic, oregano and grilled over charcoal

Mini Souvlaki Sandwich

Served at dinner only, large sandwiches during lunch, 3 baby pitas stuffed with grilled pork, tomatoes, onions

Baby Lamb Chops

Grilled baby lamb chops with lemon and oregano with olive oil crisped fries

Lollipop Filet & Shrimp

9 oz. Filet center cut served in 3 pieces topped with baked shrimp lollipop style


Meats Mezze

Braised Meatballs

Beef meatballs topped with a red wine tomato stew

Kastoria Style Beef

Braised tender beef, baked with feta and kefalograviera

Braised Beef or Kokinisto

Tender braised beef in tomato, herbs & cinnamon over greek fries

Stewed Lamb or Lamb Kapama

Stewed lamb shoulder in a tomato, cinnamon sauce with orzo

Pork Fricasse

Medallions of tender pork, greek pancetta, rosemary, in a light mushroom sauce

Cava Carpaccio

Tender slices of seared filet mignon, served cold and topped with a white bean salad


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Seafood Mezze

Grilled Whole Fish

Fresh daily whole fish grilled to perfection

Grilled Octopus

Tender baby octopus marinated and grilled to perfection

Fried Kalamari

Olive oil crisped kalamari served with lemon wedges

Baked Shrimp

Giant shrimp with tomatoes, herbs, garlic, and feta baked in a casserole

Shrimp Souvlaki

Jumbo shrimp skewered and grilled

Opa Opa Shrimp

Sauteed jumbo shrimp with fresh dill, cream, tomatoes, and ouzo for the opa opa

Cava Crab Cakes

3 Jumbo lump crab cakes

Stuffed Shrimp

Shrimp stuffed with jumbo lump crab meat and baked

Scallops Risotto

Pan seared giant scallops with saffron risotto

Mussels Risotto

Mussels cooked in a saffron risotto with mushrooms

Mussels Kolonaki

Plump prince edward island mussels with saffron caper butter sauce

Mini Shrimp Souvlaki

Fresh shrimp marinated & grilled in baby pitas, with tzatziki, onions, and tomatoes


Mezze Platters

Grilled Meats Platter

Lamb chops, spicy sausage, pork souvlaki, chicken souvlaki, and grilled meatballs all on one platter

Mediterranean Seafood Mezze

Crab cakes, mussels kolonaki, shrimp kebab, kalamari, stuff shrimp all served separately


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Salad Mezze

Greek Village Salad

Tomato, cucumber, onion, capers, dodonis feta tossed in olive oil

Rocket Salad

Baby arugula with feta shaved kefalograviera cheese, lemon vinaigrette

White Bean Salad

Tender cannelloni beans marinated with olive oil, garlic, basil, and lemon splash




Egg lemon soup with orzo and pulled chicken


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Chicken Souvlaki

Grilled skewers of marinated chicken breast with fresh oregano, olive oil & lemon juice & wrapped in pita with tomatoes and onions served with fries

Sausage Pita

Village sausage made at cava, cooked over charcoal and wrapped in pita served with fries

Pork Souvlaki

Grilled skewers of marinated pork with fresh oregano, olive oil & lemon juice & wrapped in pita with tomatoes and onions served with fries


Dips Mezze

Cucumber & Yogurt Dip or Tzatziki

Imported yogurt with cucumber, garlic and olive oil

Crazy Feta

Jalapeno infused feta mousse

Eggplant & Red Pepper Dip

Roasted eggplant, roasted red peppers, garlic, herbs & olive oil


A puree of salmon roe, olive oil, garlic, and lemon juice


Puree of chickpeas with tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice


Hummus, tarama, eggplant dip, tzatziki

Dips and Grape Leaves

Hummus, grape leaves, tzatziki, eggplant dip

Cold Combo

Combination of dips with feta, grape leaves, and village salad


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Cheese Mezze

Feta & Honey

Imported feta drizzled with clover honey and fresh mint

Feta & Olives

Greek feta with olive oil served with greek olives


Imported cypriot cheese served hot


Pan fried kefalograviera cheese flambeed with 151


Cheese Inspired Mezze

Cheese Pie or Tiropita

Feta, goat cheese, and herbs wrapped and baked in phyllo dough


Cheese infused orzo served in a cinnamon tomato sauce

Greek Fries

Hand cut, crisped in olive oil, tossed with 3 greek cheeses

Baked Feta and Tomato

Feta, red onions, roma tomatoes and baked in a casserole

Cava Frittata

Traditional greek omelet with potatoes, feta, basil, and tomatoes

Tomato Feta Stack

Vine ripe tomatoes, imported feta, basil, and honey balsamic vinegar

Greek Bolognese

Fettuccini, stewed veal and baked with a trio greek cheeses & cinnamon


About CAVA Restaurant

Charting the path of CAVA‘s flavorful journey, it’s essential to traverse back to 2011, when this vibrant brand was just a spark in the minds of four visionaries – Ted Xenohristos, Ike Grigoropoulos, Dimitri Moshovitis, and Brett Schulman.

It’s no small feat that they transformed a small mezze-style eatery in Rockville, Maryland into an empire spanning over 253 locations. The founders, drawing on their shared Greek roots, have revolutionized the fast-casual dining scene.

By creating a menu where pitas, salads, and sandwiches meet bold Mediterranean flavors, they’ve given us more than just a meal – it’s a culturally rich experience that transcends borders.

From their humble beginnings, they’ve held steadfast in their commitment to create a fresh and flavorful meal that’s also affordable, winning the hearts and palates of countless patrons.

Today, headquartered in Washington D.C, CAVA stands tall with over 8,000 dedicated employees. They are the heart and soul of this gastronomic empire, committed to delivering Mediterranean cuisine’s vibrant flavors across the U.S.

As CAVA continues to grow and evolve, the founders’ vision remains embedded in its core – delivering high-quality, nutritious, and delicious meals that offer an unforgettable Mediterranean journey. Now that you’re familiar with CAVA’s illustrious journey, you’ll taste the commitment and passion in every bite.


1. “What factors influence the fluctuation in Subway’s menu prices across different locations?”

Subway’s pricing strategies involve several considerations, from local economic conditions, operational costs, to competitive market factors. These variables could result in slight variations in Subway’s menu prices at different locations.

2. “Do seasonal items on Subway’s menu bear different prices compared to regular items?”

Seasonal offerings at Subway might carry different price tags. They often feature unique ingredients, potentially impacting their costs. Hence, these items can have different prices compared to regular menu items.

3. “How does Subway manage to offer high-quality ingredients at such competitive prices?”

Subway leverages large-scale buying power and strong supplier relationships to procure quality ingredients at advantageous prices. The savings are then passed onto the customers, making their offerings affordable without compromising quality.

4. “Are there any Subway deals that allow customers to get more value for their money?”

Subway routinely offers promotions, deals, and combo options to provide greater value to its customers. These can vary across locations and time, providing diverse ways for customers to enjoy Subway’s offerings within their budget.

5. “Does Subway offer discounted prices for bulk or catering orders?”

Subway provides catering services, with the pricing depending on the scale and menu choices. Bulk orders or catering requests might come with special discounts, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy Subway’s food at even more attractive prices.

Final Words

As we draw this gastronomic exploration to a close, it becomes clear how CAVA Menu Prices brilliantly exemplify the intersection of quality and affordability in fast-casual dining.

This Mediterranean-inspired establishment stands testament to how a passionate vision, backed by strategic execution, can reshape dining experiences.

By offering a myriad of fresh, nutritious, and downright delicious options at a price point that respects your wallet, CAVA has shown that quality need not always come at a premium price.

This exploration, far from being a simple scrutiny of numbers, served as a reminder of the value CAVA offers – a delightful fusion of taste, health, and affordability.

As you step into any of CAVA’s 253 locations next time, you’ll view their menu with a fresh perspective, appreciating the depth of value it offers. Remember, with CAVA, every bite is a testament to Mediterranean authenticity, healthful living, and a commitment to consumer-friendly pricing.

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