Burgerville Menu Prices

Ever found yourself torn between fast food and a gourmet meal? Well, Burgerville’s menu with its freshly sourced, top-quality ingredients blends these two worlds perfectly, and all at wallet-friendly prices!

If the lingering question, “How much will my taste adventure cost at Burgerville?” has been holding you back, we’ve got you covered. This article is your compass to navigate Burgerville’s pricing landscape, ensuring your budget doesn’t take a hit while your taste buds celebrate.

You’ll discover that high-quality, sustainable food isn’t exclusive to high-end restaurants – it’s right here at your local Burgerville. So, ready to embark on a value-for-money gastronomic journey? Let’s dive right in!

Burgerville Menu Prices In 2024


Foods Prices
Strawberry Sundae (Ice Cream) $3.89
Strawberry Sundae (Cosmic Bliss) $3.89
Chocolate Sundae (Ice Cream) $3.89
Chocolate Sundae (Cosmic Bliss) $3.89
Caramel & Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich – Plant-Based, Non-Dairy $4.79

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Foods Prices
Waffle Cone Nut Butter Shake (Ice Cream Milkshake – 12oz) $5.49
Waffle Cone Nut Butter Shake (Plant-based, Non-Dairy Cosmic Bliss Shake – 16oz) $6.49
Chili Cheese Waffley Fries $6.25
Classic Cod Fish Sandwich $7.49
Adzuki Bean Sandwich $7.49
Caramel & Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich – Plant-Based, Non-Dairy $4.79


Foods Prices
Strawberry Lemonade – 32oz $4.29
Strawberry Lemonade – 22oz. $3.49
Drink- 32 oz. $3.59
Drink – 22 oz. $2.99
Lemonade – 32oz. $3.59
Lemonade – 22oz. $2.99
Water $0.25

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Kids’ Meals

Foods Prices
Kids’ Chicken Tenders Meal $7.89
Kids’ Wild Alaskan Halibut Fish & Chips Meal $11.89
Kids’ Original Cheeseburger Meal $6.89
Kids’ Original Hamburger Meal $6.69

Burgerville Dipping Sauce

Foods Prices
Burgerville Spread $0.30
Ranch $0.30
Chipotle Mayo $0.30
Garlic Aioli $0.30
BBQ Sauce $0.30
Honey Mustard $0.30
Tartar Sauce $0.30
Burgerville Spread Jar $5.99

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Foods Prices Prices
12oz 16oz
Waffle Cone Nut Butter Shake (Ice Cream Milkshake) $5.49 $6.49
Waffle Cone Nut Butter Shake (Plant-based, Non-Dairy Cosmic Bliss Shake) $5.49 $6.49
Vanilla Shake (Ice Cream Milkshake) $4.99 $5.99
Vanilla Shake(Plant-based, Non-Dairy Cosmic Bliss Shake) $4.99 $5.99
Classic Chocolate Shake (Ice Cream Milkshake) $4.99 $5.99
Classic Chocolate Shake (Plant-based, Non-Dairy Cosmic Bliss Shake) $4.99 $5.99
Oregon Strawberry Shake (Ice Cream Milkshake) $4.99 $5.99
Oregon Strawberry Shake (Plant-based, Non-Dairy Cosmic Bliss Shake) $4.99 $5.99
Portland Cold Brew Shake (Ice Cream Milkshake) $4.99 $5.99
Portland Cold Brew Shake (Plant-based, Non-Dairy Cosmic Bliss Shake) $4.99 $5.99
Sweet Cream Shake (Ice Cream Milkshake) $4.99 $5.99
Sweet Cream Shake (Plant-based, Non-Dairy Cosmic Bliss Shake) $4.99 $5.99
Hazelnut Chocolate Shake (Ice Cream Milkshake) $4.99 $5.99
Hazelnut Chocolate Shake (Plant-based, Non-Dairy Cosmic Bliss Shake) $4.99 $5.99


Foods Prices
Winter Farm Salad $6.49

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Plant Based

Foods Prices
Adzuki Bean Sandwich $7.49
Plantville Cheezeburger $9.89
Winter Farm Salad $6.49
Classic Fries – Large $4.29
Classic Fries – Regular $3.59

Chicken & Fish

Foods Prices
Classic Cod Fish Sandwich $7.49
Blazin’ Hot Pepper Crispy Chicken Sandwich $8.49
Blazin’ Hot Pepper Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.49
Best Coast Crispy Chicken Sandwich $8.49
Best Coast Grilled Chicken Sandwich $8.49
Chicken & Chips $8.89
Crispy Halibut Sandwich $8.49
Halibut Fish & Chips $13.99

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Foods Prices
Northwest Cheeseburger $7.39
1/2 lb. Colossal Burger $9.89
Colossal Burger $7.19
Bacon Cheeseburger $8.99
Double Cheeseburger $5.59
Original Cheeseburger $3.59
Original Hamburger $3.39
Best Coast Turkey Burger $6.99


Foods Prices
5 Original Cheeseburgers + 2 Large Fries $20.99
5 Original Cheeseburgers $13.99

About Burgerville Restaurant

It’s hard to imagine, but back in 1961, fast food was a novel concept. George Propstra, the brainchild behind Burgerville, saw an opportunity in this burgeoning industry and decided to give it a unique twist.

A native of Vancouver, Washington, George didn’t just want to open another hamburger stand; he envisioned a fast food joint that championed quality, sustainability, and community connection.

When Burgerville first opened its doors, George ensured the menu was a celebration of flavor, offering scrumptious hamburgers and crispy french fries that quickly became crowd favorites.

The secret? Ingredients sourced from local farmers and ranchers, a commitment that distinguishes Burgerville to this day. As years turned into decades, Burgerville expanded, but never compromised on George’s original vision.

Today, you’ll find 47 Burgerville locations, each one echoing the same ethos of community and sustainability that began over six decades ago in Vancouver. At each location, you can taste the Pacific Northwest’s bountiful produce in every bite.

Burgerville’s journey isn’t just about serving fast food, it’s about preserving a legacy of quality and sustainable sourcing, while delivering an exceptional dining experience.

George Propstra transformed the fast food industry in the Pacific Northwest, proving that fast food could be fresh, local, and environmentally responsible.

Next time you find yourself at Burgerville, remember you’re not just biting into a hamburger or a handful of fries. You’re partaking in a storied tradition that values your community, your environment, and most importantly, your taste buds.

With every visit, you’re keeping George Propstra’s dream alive, a dream where fast food and quality aren’t mutually exclusive, but rather, go hand in hand.

FAQs On Burgerville Restaurant

1. What is the price range for Burgerville’s menu?

Burgerville’s menu prices vary depending on the item, but generally, you can expect to spend between $3 to $10 for individual items. Combo meals and family-sized options may be higher.

2. Does Burgerville have a value menu?

While Burgerville doesn’t have a traditional value menu, they frequently offer special deals and promotions that provide excellent value for your money.

3. Are the prices the same across all Burgerville locations?

Most of the time, prices at Burgerville are consistent across locations. However, slight variations may occur due to regional factors.

4. Does Burgerville offer any discounts?

Yes, Burgerville often runs promotions and special offers. It’s best to check their website or your local Burgerville restaurant for the most current deals.

5. How much does a typical meal cost at Burgerville?

A typical meal at Burgerville, consisting of a burger, fries, and a drink, will usually cost around $10 – $15, depending on the specific items chosen.

6. Are the prices at Burgerville competitive with other fast-food restaurants?

Yes, Burgerville’s prices are comparable to other fast-food chains, especially considering their commitment to locally sourced, high-quality ingredients.

7. How much do Burgerville’s signature items cost?

Burgerville’s signature items like the Tillamook Cheeseburger and fresh seasonal berry milkshakes range from around $5 to $8.

8. Are there extra charges for add-ons or modifications at Burgerville?

Yes, there may be additional charges for extras or modifications, depending on the specific request. It’s best to ask when placing your order.

9. Does the price of the menu items reflect the quality at Burgerville?

Absolutely! Burgerville is committed to offering high-quality, locally sourced ingredients in their meals, which justifies the slightly higher price point compared to some other fast-food chains.

10. Does Burgerville offer any special meal deals?

Yes, Burgerville often offers meal deals, particularly for families and during promotional periods. Check their website or ask in-store for the latest offers.

Final Words

In the bustling world of fast food, Burgerville stands out, offering a menu that not only satisfies your cravings but also aligns with a commitment to quality and sustainability.

With a clear understanding of Burgerville’s menu prices, we hope you now see that enjoying delicious, ethically-sourced food doesn’t need to break the bank.

As we’ve unpacked, Burgerville is more than a fast-food chain; it’s a testament to the vision of its founder, George Propstra, who believed in combining fast service, exceptional taste, and community consciousness.

So next time you’re contemplating a quick bite, remember that choosing Burgerville isn’t just a tasty decision—it’s a nod to a company that values your community, the environment, and your pocket.

Step into a Burgerville restaurant, and you’ll find it’s not just about dollars and cents, but about a gastronomic experience that leaves you—and your wallet—feeling good!

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