Benihana Menu Prices

Uncover the hidden world of gastronomic delights, one where the spectacle of teppanyaki meets affordability. Welcome to Benihana, an exquisite fusion of oriental cuisine and theatrical presentation.

Dive into our blog post, as we unravel the mystery behind Benihana’s tantalizing menu prices. This culinary hotspot strikes an alluring balance between spectacle and value, making it a go-to destination for epicures around the globe.

With a smorgasbord of options, from succulent steak to delicate sushi, we delve into the captivating saga of Benihana’s pricing strategy, highlighting its incredible cost-effectiveness for a mesmerizing dining experience.

And why should you care? For every gastronome, food enthusiast, or simply an occasional restaurant-goer, understanding the underlying dynamics of menu pricing is paramount.

It sets the tone for your overall dining experience, allowing you to bask in the culinary journey without the element of surprise. In an era of skyrocketing dining costs, this insider’s peek into Benihana’s menu prices serves as your compass, guiding you to navigate the culinary seas effortlessly.

Our detailed analysis will engage your senses, provoke your curiosity, and most importantly, empower your dining choices. So, stay with us as we embark on this fascinating gastronomic journey.

Because here, we are not just talking about food, we are talking about an experience. And it starts at Benihana.

Benihana Menu Prices In 2024


New Hibachi Ribeye & Chicken$55.80
New Hibachi Ribeye & Lobster$67.40
New Hibachi Ribeye & Scallops$60.60
New Hibachi Ribeye & Colossal Shrimp$60.20
Emperor’s Feast$51.20
Rocky’s Choice$47.70
Benihana Trio$59.90
Benihana Special$60.30
Benihana Delight$48.30
Benihana Excellence$48.70
Splash ‘N Meadow$58.70
Deluxe Treat$62.80
Land ‘N Sea$55.90
Samurai Treat$55.60
Hibachi Supreme$69.10

Specialty Sushi & Rolls

Lobster Roll$29.90
Spicy Lotus Tempura Roll$19.00
Katana Roll$16.80
Shrimp Lovers Roll$18.00
Alaskan Roll$18.00
Chili Shrimp Roll$20.60
Vegetable Roll$10.20
Spicy Tuna Roll$14.30
Philadelphia Roll$13.00
Las Vegas Roll Deep Fried$13.90
Shrimp Crunchy Roll$15.10
Dragon Roll$20.60
Rainbow Roll$20.10
Spider Roll$20.10
Sumo Roll Baked$19.40
Salmon Roll$11.90
Salmon Avocado Roll$12.50
Spicy Salmon Roll$14.30
Yellowtail Roll$11.90
Tuna Roll$11.90
Cucumber Roll$9.60
California Roll$11.40
Eel Roll$13.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll$14.80


Tuna Sashimi & Nigiri$9.90
Salmon Sashimi & Nigiri$9.20
Shrimp Sashimi & Nigiri$8.70
Yellowtail Sashimi & Nigiri$9.20
Albacore Sashimi & Nigiri$9.20
Snapper Sashimi & Nigiri$9.20
Octopus Sashimi & Nigiri$9.20
Eel Sashimi & Nigiri$9.90
Smelt Roe Sashimi & Nigiri$8.40
Salmon Roe Sashimi & Nigiri$9.90
Egg Tamago Sashimi & Nigiri$8.40
Smoked Salmon Sashimi & Nigiri$9.90

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Sushi Combinations

Nigiri Assortment$37.80
Sashimi Assortment$45.90
Sushi & Sashimi Combination$40.10
Chirashi Sushi$36.70

Kabuki Kids

Kids Filet Mignon$28.00
Kids Hibachi Steak$24.80
Kids Hibachi Shrimp$24.00
Kids Hibachi Chicken$23.20
Kids Chicken Tenders$23.70
Kids Chicken Tempura$23.70
Kids Combination Chicken & Shrimp$26.90
Kids Filet Mignon & Chicken$30.40
Kids Combination Chicken & Steak$27.50
Kids Combination Steak & Shrimp$28.00
Kids Filet Mignon & Shrimp$30.90
Kids California Roll$19.40
Kids Hibachi Chicken Rice$7.40
Kids Side Noodles$6.50
Kids Edamame$9.20
Beni Ninja Mug$7.00
Sensei Mug$7.00


Traditional Cheesecake$9.80
Mount Fuji Chocolate Cake$9.80
Strawberry Mochi Ice Cream$9.20
Traditional Cheesecake For 4$39.20
Mount Fuji Chocolate Cake For 4$39.20

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Raspberry Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Mango Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Strawberry Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Passion Fruit Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Strawberry Milkshake 16oz$11.00
Cookies & Cream Milkshake 16oz$11.00
Strawberry Lemonade 16oz$5.80
Mango Lemonade 16oz$6.40
Mango Colada Smoothie 16oz$11.00
Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water$7.00
San Pellegrino$7.00
Pepsi Can$3.00
Diet Pepsi Can$3.00
Mist Twist Can$3.00
Mountain Dew Can$3.00
Red Bull$5.20
Sugar Free Red Bull$5.20
Tropical Red Bull$5.20
Original Ramune$6.40
Strawberry Ramune$6.40
Grape Ramune$6.40
Beni Ninja Mug$7.00
Sensei Mug$7.00
Strawberry Lemonade 16oz$6.40
Passion Fruit Lemonade 16oz$6.40
Strawberry Passion Fruit Delight Smoothie 16oz$11.00
Banana Berry Smoothie 16oz$11.00


Beni Ninja Mug$7.00
Sensei Mug$7.00
Dragon Mug$7.00
Kendo Mug$7.00
Sakura Mug$7.00
Ninja Mug$7.00
Koi Mug$7.00
Banzai Mug$7.00
Lucky Cat Mug$7.00

Catering – Appetizers & Sides

Spicy Edamame$37.00
Steamed Rice$11.00
Hibachi Vegetables$13.20
Benihana Onion Soup$24.60
Miso Soup$26.00
Benihana Salad$23.30
Pork Gyoza$41.40
Tokyo Wings$63.40
Spring Rolls$41.40

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Catering – Fried Rice & Noodles

Yakisoba With Chicken$184.10
Yakisoba With Beef$187.40
Yakisoba With Shrimp$186.10
Hibachi Chicken Rice$26.80
Hibachi Chicken Rice With Shrimp$35.60
Hibachi Spicy Chicken Rice$29.00
Hibachi Chicken Rice With Steak$35.60

Catering – Sushi Platters

Kyoto To The Bay$72.00
Sushi Garden$113.00
Tokyo Platter$105.00
Rising Sun Platter$90.00
Samurai Platter$113.00
California Roll Tray$40.90
California And Spicy Tuna Roll Tray$46.00
Philadelphia Roll Tray$47.10
Rainbow And California Roll Tray$57.00
Rainbow And Spicy Tuna Roll Tray$63.00
Rainbow Roll Tray$73.90
Spicy Shrimp Roll Tray$51.90
Avocado And Cucumber Toll Tray$34.00
Spicy Tuna Roll Tray$51.90

Catering – Steak, Chicken & Seafood

Hibachi Chicken$192.70
Spicy Hibachi Chicken$196.00
Hibachi Steak$223.70
Teriyaki Steak$223.70
Colossal Shrimp$238.90
Hibachi Shrimp$219.80

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Catering – Combination Packages

Teppan Trio$205.00
Seafood Lovers$206.10


Hibachi Shrimp$42.10
Spicy Hibachi Shrimp$42.70
Surf Side$51.90
Hibachi Colossal Shrimp$45.50
Hibachi Tuna Steak$42.30
Hibachi Salmon With Avocado Tartar Sauce$42.30
Hibachi Scallops$44.00
Ocean Treasure$64.10
Twin Lobster Tails$64.70

Steak And Chicken

New Hibachi Ribeye$49.90
Filet Mignon$45.20
Teriyaki Chicken$37.40
Spicy Hibachi Chicken$37.40
Hibachi Chicken$36.80
Hibachi Steak$42.20
Teriyaki Steak$42.20
Hibachi Chateaubriand$54.80

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Noodle & Tofu

Seafood Diablo$41.30
Spicy Tofu Steak$32.00
Chicken Yakisoba$35.30
Steak Yakisoba$35.80
Shrimp Yakisoba$35.60


Chashu Ramen$21.70
Spicy Chili Garlic Ramen$19.30
Tonkotsu Ramen$15.90


Chili Ponzu Yellowtail$18.60
Sashimi Sampler$18.80
Shrimp Saute$16.50
Tuna Poke$14.70
Miso Soup$7.20
Onion Soup$6.80

Gluten Sensitive

Chicken A La Carte$16.80
Shrimp A La Carte$22.80
Steak A La Carte$22.90
Salmon A La Carte$19.80
Hibachi Chicken Rice$7.40
Spicy Hibachi Chicken Rice$8.00
Miso Soup$7.20
Sushi Sampler$18.20
Sashimi Sampler$18.80
Shrimp Saute$16.50
Tuna Tataki$18.60
Cucumber Roll$9.60
Salmon Roll$11.90
Vegetable Roll$11.90
Yellowtail Roll$11.90
Tuna Roll$11.90
Philadelphia Roll$13.00
Shrimp Nigiri & Sashimi$8.70
Albacore Nigiri & Sashimi$9.20
Snapper Nigiri & Sashimi$9.00
Octopus Nigiri & Sashimi$9.20
Salmon Nigiri & Sashimi$9.20
Tuna Nigiri & Sashimi$9.90
Yellowtail Nigiri & Sashimi$9.20

Signature Sauces

Ginger Sauce (1 Pint)$6.60
Ginger Dressing (1 Pint)$6.60
Benihana Original Garlic Sauce (1 Pint)$8.10
Teriyaki Sauce (1 Pint)$7.90
Mustard Sauce (1 Pint)$6.60
Benihana Hot Sauce$8.10
Spicy Mayo (1oz)$0.70
Eel Sauce (1oz)$0.70
Diablo Sauce (1oz)$0.70
Spicy Teriyaki Sauce (1oz)$0.70

Signature Hibachi Fried Rice

Hibachi Chicken Rice (Serves 1)$7.40
Hibachi Chicken Rice (Serves 2)$14.80
Hibachi Chicken Rice (Serves 4)$29.60
Hibachi Spicy Chicken Rice (Serves 1)$8.00
Hibachi Spicy Chicken Rice (Serves 2)$16.00
Hibachi Spicy Chicken Rice (Serves 4)$32.00
Hibachi Vegetable Fried Rice (Serves 1)$6.30
Hibachi Vegetable Fried Rice (Serves 2)$12.60
Hibachi Vegetable Fried Rice (Serves 4)$25.20
Hibachi Steak Rice (Serves 1)$8.60
Hibachi Steak Rice (Serves 2)$17.20
Hibachi Steak Rice (Serves 4)$34.40
Hibachi Shrimp Rice (Serves 1)$8.60
Hibachi Shrimp Rice (Serves 2)$17.20
Hibachi Shrimp Rice (Serves 4)$34.40
Steamed Rice (Serves 2)$5.90

Appetizer & Sides

Tokyo Wings$17.70
Tokyo Wings Appetizer Sampler$22.70
Hibachi Short Ribs$20.50
Hibachi Short Ribs Appetizer Sampler$25.50
Pan Fried Pork Gyoza Dumplings$11.90
Spicy Chicken Gyoza Dumplings$11.90
Crispy Spicy Rice (Salmon)$16.00
Crispy Spicy Rice (Tuna)$16.00
Crispy Spicy Rice (Yellowtail)$16.00
Tuna Rice$14.70
Soft Shell Crab$19.40
Shrimp Tempura$16.10
Vegetable Tempura$12.40
Spicy Edamame$10.10
Seaweed Salad$8.70
Sushi Sampler$18.20
Sashimi Sampler$18.80
Tuna Tataki$18.60
Chili Ponzu Yellowtail$18.60
Benihana Onion Soup$6.80
Miso Soup$7.20
Benihana Salad$6.50
Onion Rings$11.9
Salmon Avocado Sashimi$18.40
Shrimp Saute$16.50

Lunch Entrees

Lunch Duet$28.90
Hibachi Chicken$22.00
Filet Mignon$29.10
Spicy Hibachi Chicken$23.80
Beef Julienne$26.10
Hibachi Scallops$26.30
Hibachi Shrimp$26.00
Chicken Yakisoba$22.00
Hibachi Steak$26.80
Steak Yakisoba$23.50
Shrimp Yakisoba$23.50
Sushi Combination$23.90
Lunch Boat (Chicken)$24.40
Lunch Boat (Salmon)$24.70
Lunch Boat (Beef Julienne)$25.30
Lunch Boat (Filet Mignon)$27.60
Lunch Boat (Colossal Shrimp)$26.40

Benihana Favorites

Hibachi Chicken Rice (12oz)$14.80
Shrimp Crunchy Roll$15.10
Benihana Salad$6.50
Tokyo Wings$17.70
Shrimp Saute$16.50
Benihana Onion Soup$6.80
Chilli Ponzu Yellowtail$18.60
Shrimp Tempura$16.10
Ginger Sauce (1 Pint)$6.60
Benihana Raspberry Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Benihana Mango Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Benihana Strawberry Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Benihana Passion Fruit Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99
Benihana Lemonade (1/2 Gallon)$9.99

Benihana Family Meals

For 2For 4For 6
Chicken & Shrimp$49.00$93.00$137.00
Steak & Chicken$49.00$93.00$137.00
Filet Mignon$59.00$103.00$147.00
Steak & Shrimp$53.00$97.00$141.00
Spicy Shrimp$51.00$95.00$139.00
Spicy Shrimp & Filet Mignon$63.00$107.00$151.00
Filet Mignon & Scallops$69.00$118.00$167.00
Benihana Appetizer Box$85.00
Sushi For 2$38.00
Tokyo Wings For 2 (Wings Only)$25.00
Tokyo Wings For 2 (Wings & Hibachi Chicken Rice)$35.00
Tokyo Wings For 4 (Wings Only)$50.00
Tokyo Wings For 4 (Wings & Hibachi Chicken Rice)$70.00
Tokyo Wings For 6 (Wings Only)$75.00
Tokyo Wings For 6 (Wings & Hibachi Chicken Rice)$105.00
Sushi For 4$76.00
Sushi For For$114.00

About Benihana Restaurant

Delve into the past, where in the pulsating heart of New York, a novel culinary sensation was born in 1964. Benihana, a renowned global chain, known for its signature Japanese cuisine, is the brainchild of the ambitious Rocky Aoki.

His dream: to present an extraordinary dining experience that would surpass the ordinary, igniting a culinary revolution. Like an origami swan, Benihana unfolded gracefully, captivating the palates of America and later the world.

The original concept had humble beginnings, a small 4-table restaurant in the bustling city of New York. Yet, Rocky’s audacious spirit and innovative mind breathed life into his dream, and soon, the small eatery blossomed into a culinary phenomenon.

Transplanted to Miami, Florida, the heart of Benihana still beats strong, disseminating the fragrance of authentic Japanese cuisine to every corner of the globe.

A meal at Benihana is not just about indulging in a tantalizing array of flavors. It’s about experiencing the rich, cultural heritage of Japan, intricately woven into each dish served.

Today, Benihana stands as a stalwart testament to Rocky Aoki’s vision. As a diners’ paradise, it offers not only a feast for your taste buds but also an immersive spectacle that satiates your soul.

This rich saga of success serves as a reminder that at Benihana, every meal is an unforgettable journey that transports you straight to the Land of the Rising Sun.

So, when you delve into a meal at Benihana, you’re not just exploring a menu; you’re embarking on a journey steeped in history and culture. It’s more than a meal; it’s an event—a story that unfolds with each bite, taking you one step closer to Japan, Rocky’s cherished dream.

FAQs On Benihana

1. What makes Benihana’s menu prices stand out in the market?

The balance that Benihana has mastered between culinary spectacle and affordability sets it apart. Benihana’s menu prices reflect their commitment to delivering high-quality, authentic Japanese cuisine in a dynamic, theatrical setting without burdening the pocket.

2. Are there notable variations in Benihana’s menu prices across different locations?

While Benihana strives to maintain consistency, menu prices may fluctuate slightly across different locations. Factors such as operational costs, taxes, and local economic conditions can influence these slight variations.

3. Does Benihana offer value meals or combo options to make the menu more cost-effective?

Yes, Benihana is celebrated for its creative combo offerings. These allow diners to explore a variety of flavors at a cost-effective price point, adding to the overall value and appeal of the menu.

4. How does the choice of ingredients affect Benihana’s menu prices?

The use of premium ingredients, many sourced from Japan, contributes to Benihana’s menu prices. The choice of these authentic elements ensures an unparalleled dining experience, encapsulating the essence of true Japanese cuisine.

5. Do special events or holidays affect Benihana’s menu prices?

Benihana may offer special menus or limited-time offerings during holidays or events. While these may slightly affect the menu prices, the unique experiences they deliver often enhance the overall value.

Final Words

As our gastronomic voyage concludes, the true essence of Benihana’s allure lies not merely in the tantalizing flavors of its dishes but also in the equitable pricing strategy it upholds.

Unraveling the facets of Benihana menu prices reveals an exquisite balancing act—offering a captivating dining spectacle and exceptional Japanese cuisine, while ensuring affordability.

This commitment reflects Benihana’s ethos to deliver a memorable dining experience to a wide audience. The ingenious pricing strategy is the silent maestro, orchestrating a delightful culinary symphony for each patron.

It’s no mere coincidence that Benihana has enthralled diners across the globe. Rather, it is the outcome of a meticulous, thoughtful approach to value-infused pricing.

This insight into Benihana’s menu prices serves as a beacon for gastronomes, illuminating the path to an unmatched culinary journey.

So, the next time you dine at Benihana, you’ll appreciate not just the food and performance, but the intrinsic value woven into each price on the menu.

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